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Here at Eagle Pride, we love everything drone related. So what better excuse is there to get out of the factory, get some fresh air and meet like minded people…….racing drones at 100mph!

The Scottish Drone Racing League had announced that their final event was approaching and Eagle Pride couldn’t miss this opportunity to be involved. So we packed our toothbrushes, tents, marshmallows and clean pants and headed north!

When we arrived we were greeted by the guys at SDRL, the first thing we noticed was that they run a very tight ship. They have to they said. With over 30 racers to get through qualifying heats and finals in just over a space of 2 days, things needed to run like clockwork.

We brought one of our FPV wings as a prize for the winner of the event and we were happy to see many of the racers take a great interest in it. Groups gathered around it and many questions were asked. Coming from an aerial mapping background it was great to hear positive feedback about our drones from this racing community.

The race control tent was packed with lovely little devices like timing systems, drone video feed monitoring and announcement systems, we knew we were in for a treat this weekend!

The race course looked very challenging with tight hairpin turn, slaloms and fast straights, we were very impressed with the talent the racers had to offer and the competitiveness they had while still keeping it fun!

Their drones, made from lightweight carbon fibre and custom made 3D printed parts made for very light and durable construction. They weighed in about 500g and packed a punch with over 4kg of thrust – this sparked our interest!

We spent the full weekend watching these guys push their drones to the limit around the racecourse, they flew so fast and low to the ground that we were instantly hooked!

With a great performance from all the racers, the one that emerged victorious was a racer called Ryan Kirkwood. He had stayed consistent the whole weekend, cleanly flying through all race gates and flags with precision and speed. A well deserved winner in our opinion.

I think Ryan was very happy he had won our wing and informed us that he planned to get more into fixed wing flying, which was great!

Overall we had an absolute great time at the SDRL finals, we were very impressed on how this event was run and the quality of the racing. We will definitely want to be involved again for next years event.

Here is a great video of the event that really captured the excitement of the weekend, enjoy!